February 2017
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Message from Campaign

Dear Class of 2020,

If the classes before us were the ‘founders’, then we’re the ones who’ve taken our student organisations, traditions and clubs that were frantically patched together with sticky tape and glue in our rapid-fire founding years, and given them solid foundations to last for time to come. Collectively, our class has achieved great things by so many standards, but most importantly, we’ve solidified a community.


Has our time in college been stressful and challenging? For sure. Do we sometimes wish we could go back to our more carefree days of the ungraded semester or semester abroad? Maybe. But we have no regrets choosing to spend our college years at Yale-NUS. While it’s been tough, we’ve also grown so much since we first moved into our RCs in 2016, and we wouldn’t be the people and community we are today if not for our chance to spend time here.


Yale-NUS has taught us many things – the knowledge to pretentiously drop Tocqueville and Descartes into dinner party conversations, the secret to a truly supreme (or not) sauce, the ability to be a seminar expert on 100 pages of readings (while only having read seven). But most importantly, Yale-NUS has given us the time and space to learn about ourselves, what kind of people we want to become, and what we want our place in the world to be. We’ve been very lucky to have this opportunity to develop and grow, and now we want to help future generations do the same.


Our Yale-NUS experience doesn’t end only because we’re graduating, and 18 May 2020 (yikes that’s soon!) isn’t a full stop but a comma. Our friends, classes, conversations and experiences will stay with us even after we walk off the stage at graduation. We take on a different role as alumni, where we can still learn and give back to our Yale-NUS community through the Senior Class Gift and other avenues.


Our support for the Yale-NUS community – for our friends, under-class students, professors, staff and future students – will be essential to ensure that the College can continue providing a groundbreaking education. There are so many people behind the scenes who have enabled us to travel, learn and study at Yale-NUS, including our staff, faculty and donors. Giving to the Financial Aid Fund for this year’s Senior Class Gift will ensure that future generations of deserving students will have the opportunity to build their future the way we have, regardless of their background.


It’s been a blast, Class of 2020 – let’s celebrate the rest of the time we have left with each other.


Wen Kin Lim ’20 & Kit Ling Leong ’20

Campaign Co-Directors

Senior Class Gift Commitee 2020



* Your gift will be counted towards the Senior Class Gift if you are a senior who is on track to graduate either from our four-year programme before May 2021, or from our Concurrent Degree Programmes / the Double Degree Programme with Law before May 2022.